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A few years ago, the word "data" was only a hot topic in the tech world; for everyone else, it simply meant how much "digital junk" one has or can store. Now this "digital junk" is in reality "digital footprint" and has become bread and butter in our everyday lives. This gap between the two worlds became even clearer to me when I moved out of the Silicon Valley. Often, confusion and helplessness about data usage turn into paranoia and distrust. Without proper knowledge, we feel the need to sacrifice our privacy in order to gain the full benefit of technology. I am not a data expert, however I aim to bridge the two worlds through one of the easiest mediums to communicate: illustration. Using metaphors and humor, I hope to show people that data privacy isn't as scary as it sounds and can be something small to help them regain control of their data. As the laywoman guinea pig of the team, I hope to bring another perspective to the table and try to relay some common questions and misconceptions from the public.

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