Privacy Policy

We know, privacy policies are dry and dusty and hardly anybody reads them (unless they have to). But, we wouldn’t be much of a privacy advocate if we didn’t walk the walk and talk the talk--and also, you should know what kind of data might end up on our logs if you do visit our site.

We’re here to be an information source for you, so there’s not much purpose or need to collect a bunch of data about what you do here. We’re eager for your feedback and questions, and if you leave a comment or suggestion, or just reach out to us, then we’ll collect and save that data, the contents of your message and your contact information (should you wish to leave it). We might use that information to respond to your query. Other than that, the only other data that we’ll collect are the basics available from browsing the Internet:

- IP address

- Type of device you used to look at our site (e.g. mobile, desktop, tablet)

- Posts browsed (which articles and/or pages were viewed)

- Timestamp (time and day a page was clicked on)

Any data that is collected is stored in a secure (physically and digitally) password-protected server, sitting in hidey-hole with a camera trained on it. These data logs from regular site traffic activity, such as where a user clicks, how long they stay, IP address etc., are stored on a 1-month rolling basis, i.e. every month the detailed data is deleted permanently after updating our aggregate traffic data, which is kept indefinitely to help us count how many hits and visits we get for our posts; this data is de-identified and does not contain any personally identifiable information. The data is encrypted during and after transmission. We will not use your data for ads or profit, nor will we ever track you around the web or create a profile.

If at any point in time, and for any reason, you want us to remove any data pertaining to you, you are welcome to reach out to us with a removal request.